Junk Header WordPress Remover Plugin


WordPress auto generates a whole lot of unnecessary tags/elements that can not only slow down your website but also in some cases cause security issues. For instance, the WP Generator header tag gives away the current version of your WordPress site which is definitely not something that you want to reveal.


Sounds too much, right? Want to get rid of it? Bad news, there are too many plugins out there and it gets too confusing, however Good news, there is a plugin for it which I created a simple 1 PHP plugin file so no more hassle, it’s that simple.

NOTE: This is in beta stage so there might be errors so don’t worry, if it gives you error, just let me know and I will make corrections to make sure it works so I can be able to keep updating it.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the “Junk Header Remover Plugin” at GitHub.

Step 2: Upload this file to your WordPress installments plugin directory.

Step 3: Activate the plugin from your dashboard by going to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Step 4: Volia! Your site now has less junk header in your WordPress. Enjoy!

Please Note: As mentioned before, not all these elements need to be removed as some of them are pretty useful when it comes to blog management. For instance, if you use the windows live writer to blog then you might not want to remove the wlwmanifest link.

If you need some help, report bugs or make a suggestion, go to our official project page at https://github.com/myVortexServersNetworks/junk-header-remover

Lastly, thanks for all of your support!

Ready To Build Less Junk!

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